So You Want To Be A First Lady?`

by Tish Barnhardt
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The unbelievable…

After falling head over heels for Minister Leroy Smith and getting married, Carol Smith had no idea what she was getting into or what was in store for her future. Two years after their marriage, Leroy is called into full-time ministry and started Lakeside Baptist Church. Carol never dreamed of marrying a minister or a pastor. However, she has to find a way to support Leroy’s vision and become someone she thought she would never be…the First Lady.

The unthinkable…

Walking in this role, First Lady quickly finds out that it is more than what she bargained for. The countless women that threw themselves at her husband, the lies and deceitful behavior to get in his ear, and being determined to take her spot. Dealing with women who judged any and everything she did and said, all while her husband is changing with the power, control, and manipulation, causing him to be seduced and succumb to the various temptations.

The inevitable…

While First Lady’s life is falling apart, her marriage and her husband’s indiscretions, her faith in God, and her instability to keep a job are all lying in the balance, and she must decide if she will continue to live with the shenanigans of a marriage or leave her marriage to regain her sanity and peace of mind…

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Gloria Jean Bess

Let me start off by saying that First Lady was a bit naive and passive. She pressed on all while dealing with the betrayal, deceit, disappointments, and heartache brought on by those close to her.
Most women Christians or worldly would NOT take such treatment....for months, yet alone years!!! How First Lady was able to survive (mentally) from day to day was nothing more than God carrying her as He walked her through. This book started out with a one two punch, and it didn't ease up until First Lady realized, THIS IS A BUNCH OF UNGODLY BS!!!
All those times Fisrt Lady said, "tail" she should have beat some tails and got it over with...just to let em know!!!

Tabitha White
Jonique L. Vann

I’m love the transparency and the details in the book. Although written in novel form, anyone that has been married to a Pastor or Minister has experienced some of what has been payed out in this book. We can see what happens when things go uncovered and dismissed. And many husbands are like Pastor Leroy. Some would say he was focused on the Lords work and not paying attention to the advances or disrespect of his wife, but his wife should have been the priority. Please be wise and take heed to the signs. And when you;men; can’t see, your spouse is there to cover and protect you. Listen to her; she’s been assigned to you for purpose. Maybe this book will help in breaking the cycle of silence wives experience for ministry sake.

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