Sad Papaw: The Early Years

by Kenny Harmon

When Kelsey Harmon posted a tweet of her Papaw at a family barbecue, she had no idea that this innocent message, meant to poke fun at her cousins, would start a wave of emotion to be felt around the world. Kenny Harmon, who was now labeled Sad Papaw, quickly gained thousands of followers who felt a twinge of pain from seeing his image in Kelsey’s tweet. His new friends and “adopted grandchildren” recognized a need in their own lives to reconnect with their grandparents, and indeed they did. The reaction from the tweet started a movement reminding people to hold our loved ones close and remember to make time for one another. This was a lesson that Kenny learned from his own grandparents. In the pages of the Sad Papaw: The Early Years, he shares his life experiences with readers. We travel back to the early days of Oklahoma and grown alongside Kenny and learn all about the man behind the tweet.

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1. Sad Papaw’s Heritage
2. Sad Papaw: The Early Years
3. Reflections Part 1
4. Reflections Part 2

Any combination:
1 book – $18.95 (includes shipping and handling)
2 books – $32.90 (includes shipping and handling)
3 books – $46.85 (includes shipping and handling)

NOTE: If books are returned within 30-days, a full refund will be issued.

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