Republican Crackhead: An addict’s life in the FBI and DC’s Hoods, while infiltrating HATERS


Not many Americans go from working for Presidents to monitoring White Supremacists and violent, neo-Nazi skinheads, but that’s what happened to author Todd Blodgett. After serving on Ronald Reagan’s White House staff, and President George H.W. Bush’s successful presidential campaign, Blodgett took a wrong turn and found himself ensconced in the milieu of organized White Supremacy. Eventually, he – along with America’s two leading Nazis, William L. Pierce, and Willis A. Carto – co-owned the world’s largest, most profitable racist music corporation.

His business dealings with these savvy, money-laundering Haters led to him being recruited by the FBI and the Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF); for nearly three years, he worked as a full-time, paid, professional FBI informant, assigned to monitor the HATE movement and its top echelon.

But the FBI didn’t know that their informant was a junkie, heavily addicted to crack cocaine.

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