Religion And The Global Resurgence of Violence: Connection of the Abrahamics

by Kizzy Osudibia
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The world today is greatly challenged and assaulted by various kinds of violence. The most embarrassing and, perhaps the most easily perpetrated form of violence, is the violence performed in the name of religion. Violence has been used to propagate religious causes; violence has equally been used to maintain the status quo ante; and yet violence pervades all three Abrahamic faiths. Religious violence as seen from this study is both interdenominational and intradenominational, as it is inter-religion. The author of this book argues that this phenomenon is not only depressing, it is a shame. He argues passionately that if the Abrahamic religions, which sadly record the highest cases of violence in the name of religion, can move toward achieving peace intradenominationally and then broker same peace interdenominationally, the sister religions could be at peace among themselves to the end of global terrorism.

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