Rediscovering the Wisdom of Human Nature : How Civilization Destroys Happiness

In terms of quality of life, we modern humans are staring into an abyss, regarding what the future will bring: Concerns ranging from governmental failure, economic instability, mental illness, social isolation, substance abuse, family dysfunction, international conflict, and habitat destruction are already threatening to overwhelm us. How is it possible that we, the most intelligent beings on earth, find ourselves in such a disquieting state of affairs? The increasing stresses we suffer in our institutionalized society, are red flags that are being ignored! Could it be our problems are not real ones, but simply symptoms of our modern way of life? Mounting evidence demonstrates severe incompatibility between our modern world and the way Homo sapiens evolved to live.

Shupe argues that we have created a “reality” to which our minds react with anxiety, fear, and doubt. Why? Because human emotions never evolved to function within it. To regain the reality in which we can emotionally engage, we must first identify the simple mistake our ancestors made, thousands of years ago, which forced earlier humans to abandon our “spiritual homes,” –homes based on its members’ need for one another, rather than legal obligations. Shupe believes that, if enough people recognize that mistake, it may well inspire us to place more significance in our feelings, than in our accomplishments. This is all we need, to free our spirits to lead us back home.

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