Rainbow Farm

by Robert Ross Williams

Rainbow Farm is an account of the state of US political affairs since the election of Donald Trump as the Forty-Fifth President. It uses the same principle as George Orwell did in Animal Farm where certain notorious personalities come to life as animals on the farm. It exposes the hypocrisy of both US political parties, Donkeys and Elephants, in their dealings with each other as well as their hypocritical views of other farms. When it comes to US foreign policy, it exposes how US criticisms of other farms’ actions are really actions that are the same as its own. It shows how we all are similar in nature and one and the same with just different means trying to achieve the same ends. You will immediately recognize certain personalities like the flamboyant Pete, sexy Rex, Shrill, and Cam, but other personalities portrayals are more cryptic, requiring analysis to determine who that character may be. The story begins with the arrival of Pete to the farm up to the point of the election and the aftermath of what is undoubtedly the greatest political upset in modern history. Not all is serious, and not all is politics. Join the animals on the farm in their favorite pastime as they observe the annual bull-riding competition on Justice; watch Regan in her inferno as she slowly gets grilled by Sly, and have a front row to the Hen’s March, the Coup, and Inquisition. Enjoy the in-depth conversation between Rex and Pete, and finally contemplate the final interview of the Wise Old Owl on numerous topics which are afflicting today’s society. There is something for everyone in Rainbow Farm. Hopefully, the result of reading it will be an honest self-critique of ourselves and America and more acceptance of all things different.

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