Rainbow Farm 2.0: Impeachment and Virus

by Robert Ross Williams
Oh, what tangled webs we weave. The farm is hit by an impeachment followed by a virus that shakes it to its core. During all this, the Squad of cute little rabbits and their fearless leader, Imperitia, have been successful in pulling their party, the Donkeys, to the extreme far left. Fancy the Bat has capitulated to the calls and demands for impeachment as Operation Take Down Pete continues. Her lead attack dog, Shifty the Weasel, leads the charge as Nads the Walrus is regulated to second fiddle. There are a host of new characters to include such as Wiltberg, a potbellied pig; Dyani, a beautiful albino doe; a meerkat named Elena; a young possum named Alfred; Hitch, a turtle; Bookie, a black lion; Cackles, a hyena; and Myanna, a beautiful mink. Also joining the farm are two Ukrana twin bears, Beefy and Atticus. Have front-row seats to the Donkey debate known as the Huss, Fuss, and Cuss in Sin City. Be part of the audience for a host of new events in the pen of Justice the Bull. Observe two earth-shattering events on the farm: impeachment and virus. Whom will the Donkeys pick as their nominee? Will it be a newcomer or someone from the establishment? Will Shrill the parrot parachute in at the last minute to save the day? Is the Farm headed for revolution? Join along and enjoy this sequel to Rainbow Farm and find the answers to these questions.
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