Quantum Reality, Consciousness, and Medicine Today: The New Science of Self-Healing

People are suffering like never before with pain, cancer, and degenerative disease, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Our DNA is wired to self-heal. Neuroplasticity is natural; our brains change and grow throughout life depending on thoughts, behaviors, and beliefs. Our bodies know, and tell us, what they need. This is where the new paradigm of medicine begins. We are sensitive cosmic antennae organized by our brain and spinal cord – electromagnetic circuitboards in steady communication with the physics of everything, the quantum field. Potentially, we are vast extensions of interconnecting light, perfect diamonds in the tapestry of life. Physics shows us the world as an interconnected energy web. Anatomy shows us our bodies in this same seamless, interconnected way. Epigenetics reveals that ancestral traumas live on in us, and that emotions shape our DNA. In these pages are revelations from 40 years of study, research and clinical experience. What science has found – and what mystics always knew – is that the brain and spinal cord carry the electricity of super-consciousness, and that consciousness is the living breath of the fluid universe in our every cell. Consciousness is the medicine. This book shows the science and points the way.

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