Punk Medicine

Most doctors are now treating symptoms, not patients. They use drugs which, many times have horrible side effects. There are many cures used for hundreds or, even, thousands of years, that are purposely passed by to sell you these drugs. Medical schools provide almost no training in nutrition and supplements so that our doctors know as little as possible about keeping us healthy. When has your doctor ever looked into your diet? Healthy patients don’t make big profits. How can it be that our government promotes bribery(lobbies) of most of the departments and representatives that were put there to protect US? The Covid debacle was controlled by politicians, not anyone qualified and it was amass with corruption and dishonesty, especially from the media.
What can we do about this uncontrolled dilemma? Forget politics when you vote and find, as best you can, the most honest candidate who is committed to our welfare, not the dollar.

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