Psychic Redemption: Spiritual Quest for Truth

by David Witherington Stewart

The spirit of sixteen-year-old Julie Gustafson, who died shortly after giving birth, possesses paramedic Bonnie McConnell to find her child. This occurs when Bonnie makes a wish during the game “truth fire.” Bonnie has a seizure and is rushed back to the hospital in Coreopsis, Florida by her friends. The doctors realize that something extraordinary is going on during a psychiatric evaluation, and, under hypnosis, find out that Julie’s spirit is the cause. Julie’s spirit persuades Bonnie to help discover what happened to Julie’s baby. The spirit’s psychic powers enable Bonnie and her to overcome opposition, and discover Bonnie is Julie’s daughter from thirty years earlier. After Julie completes her mission and finds her daughter, she goes to the afterlife, but leaves a piece of her spirit in Bonnie’s soul.

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