Plastic Technologies, Inc.: Our Story

by Dr. Tom Brady

Plastic Technologies, Inc., was founded by Dr. Tom Brady in 1986 when he left Owens-Illinois, Inc. to continue the development and commercialization of PET plastic containers, which he and others had initiated at O-I. Over its 35-year history, PTI has become a key technology development supplier and manufacturer of PET packaging for many of the major global brand owners, resin suppliers, and machine manufacturers, and PTI has also emerged as a leading industry resource for training, manufacturing support, recycling technologies and laboratory testing. PTI is known for developing and commercializing sustainable packaging products and strategies. Over its 35-year history, PTI has spawned 5 subsidiary recycling, manufacturing, and technology development companies, including Phoenix Technologies International, PTI-Europe, Preform Technologies, The Packaging Conference, and Guardian Medical USA, and PTI is planning for an exciting future by partnering with other leading industry recycling, manufacturing, and medical companies, here in the US and in Europe.

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