Parents: COVID-19 Prevention for Kids: Measures to Protect Your Children Against COVID and Other Preventable Diseases

by Jill Fandrich PharmD
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How are you protecting your kids from these and other tiny villains?
What measures have you taken to deflect them?
Is their immune system as strong as it can be?
Do you have all the information you need for their bodies to resist invasion?
Where do you get your information?

You are a key player in shielding your children by deflection, using simple methods with long-term benefits. The body’s immune system is the best defense against these vicious foreign bodies. By building up your child’s system with these simple yet vital regimens, they will be able to ward off a multitude of intruders and prevent them from ever taking control of their bodies.

Their minds and the thoughts they think are an integral part of their ability to defend themselves against cellular assailants. Not only will you take steps to help strengthen their bodies, but their minds as well. Now is the time to integrate critical thinking into the health regimen of you and your children and use logic and common sense as a guide. It’s time to gear up, take charge of your family’s health, body, mind, and spirit, and never give these invaders a chance.

This eBook is colorful and interactive, with dozens of pictures and links, sending you on a fun, light-hearted, humorous, informative, and educational journey of thought and discovery. Enjoy the read!

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