Operation Noah’s Ark


Climate change has drastically altered life on Earth. Operation Noah’s Ark is a secret mission to start over again off-Earth by colonizing Cinderella planets. Artificial Intelligence, programmers and computer scientists have spent some thirty years working on the construction of rockets and space stations, identifying potential planets for colonization, developing the robots needed to assist in the running of the compound, and in the selection of recruits for a future colonization mission. Recruits who will eventually settle on other worlds, are brought to the Central Command Post, an old radar station in northern Canada, built during the Cold War, by the U.S. military. One of the recruits, Jenny, is simultaneously excited about this new adventure, while at the same time, grieving the loss of her family, friends, and everything she has ever known. Meanwhile, Jenny’s parents and friends hire private investigators, Ira and Brenda Brown, to find out what happened to Jenny, who has mysteriously disappeared without a trace, all evidence of her existence having been extinguished.

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