New Wine Of New Wineskin


The subject matter of “New Wine Of New Wineskin is “Revival” The book illustrates very practical principles which are easily applicable individually and corporately for revival, hence focuses also on the revivalist, that agent who avails him or herself for revival to break through from within the congregation. New Wine Of New Wineskin targets the realities of intermittent weaknesses which at times put the church in a dormant and redundant situation described on “Spiritual Inertia” A church is described as being in the Spiritual Inertia when the general rank and file of that local community lack the desire to fear God in reverence and have no or little passion for lost souls. Through the ministries of revivalist the power of God breaks into the church to activate the members to be awakened towards personal commitment to God, yield to discipleship and the walk of faith that works by love. In this wise members of the local assembly become relevant to affect their communities for good. The book teaches that revival begins when an “insider” a member of the local congregation in the community is attracted to certain basic or prevailing problems within and volunteers to seek solutions to these. The act of intercession ignite the passion in others to join to lift the burden and become agents of revival. The hub of the book is about the subject of obedience and the empowerment through the in-filling of the Holy Spirit so that one can conveniently and easily but effectively share the grace of God in his or her life with others. For revival to be sustainable and efficacious, “new wine” which is the terminology for revival in the book should be contained in New “Wineskin” which also implies the means and right conditions to uphold revivals. The New Wine Skins involves a repentant heart, a strong and fervent desire for revival, travailing prayers, renewed and principled mind among others. The new wineskin depicts the right

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