My Psalms

Everyone has a journey to go through in this life. On my journey I had specific questions about certain topics discussed in (My Psalms) are concerning: Spirituality, Haiti, Enemies, Family, Haters, Doubters, Thankfulness and Blessings. Most of my deep thoughts are about God. Most of the language is written in English and Haitian Creole. If you’re interested in learning either language, then start reading. This author started writing poetry at a church auditorium. It was for an event organized by the Youth Group in that specific church. After the poem was recited for the audience and the event was over; the author received a lot of positive feedback. So, the author continued poetry as the years went by. This time it was for different varieties of events. These poems speak about different topics on the journey of life. They are mostly about God. The poems are written in English and Haitian Creole. For example, some of the author’s famous poems are: “Why Am I Angry At The Lord?” “Problems” “Teenage Tribulation” “God, Can You Hear Me?” “Sin Gives A Bad Smell” “Quit Wasting Your Life” “Home Will Always Be Home” Who Is Your Coach?” and “Blessings Over Here”

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