My Children Are Gay & They’re Still My Blessing

Finally, …….this mother cooked up enough nerves to come out of the closet! After all, not one, but TWO of her children had decided to come out, so why couldn’t she? No longer would she feel as if she was trapped in that tiny space, all because of the lifestyle her children proudly lived. The fear, the shame, the embarrassment, and the grief (just to name a few), had played their course. She was no longer bound, but ready to face the truth, head-on, without the slightest worry or concern of what others would think or say. In this heartfelt debut book, Yolanda “FaithEyes” Bailey shares her emotional and traumatic experience of learning that her second to the oldest child was attracted to other guys. Shortly after, she would get a double whammy, when realizing that her daughter had an eye for girls. Talk about heart trauma. This mother’s heart was crushed. Read the story of how God took this mother by the hand, healed her broken heart, and showed her how to overcome the myriad of emotions flooding her mind. He taught her how to love her son and her daughter, with no limits despite them being gay. Mrs. Yolanda serves up some healthy advice on how to better understand your homosexual child, how to assess and handle your emotions, how to love your child through what they’re going through, and how to have a healthy and respectful relationship, without compromising your beliefs and values. Are you that mother? Well, it’s time to come out of the closet and face your truth! Come out of shame! Come out of guilt! Come out of embarrassment! Ready? This loving mother invites you to grab her hand……and allow her to help usher you out of this dark place, and into your victory!

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