Murder in the Dust

Murder in the Dust, follows the Mage private detectives, Ross MacTaggert and Rick Logan as they lend their superior aid to the Village of Sannat in Book one of the new series Arcane Investigators. Senior Master Mage, Ross MacTaggert graduated from the Sienna College of Magic as an Evoker, worked a few years as Court Mage of Dracongrad, and then spent many years conducting aggressive archeology with his best friend. Now in MitD, he has hired mage Rick Logan as his assistant due to Rick’s specialty in transmutation. This, their third case together, brings them to Colonel Hawthorn’s small ranch on the edge of the village, to investigate the gang of criminals who killed the sheep. The retired military man claims that the group of evil men, the Limbrots, were led by an ogre.

As the pair delve into the mystery, a larger plot unfolds. Realizing their spatial limitations, they request help of old friends, Doctor Karel Babbage, and Cora Wiltshire so they can be in more than two places at once. Can the Investigators uncover the evil in Sannat? Will they prove that ogres are just stories to scare unruly children? Find out in Murder in the Dust.

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