MAN-DAR of Atlantis

MAN-DAR of Atlantis is the first book in a trilogy about the adventures of MAN-DAR. It begins in present time with Manny Silva traveling to Central America to locate proof of Atlantis in the Mayan pyramids. Manny becomes ill, and in a delusional state, he enters an adventure as MAN-DAR.

This takes readers to another time and place, with Manny, now as MAN-DAR, flying an airship to rescue a barbarian Princess who is being held by the evil High Priest of Inanna. With the help of his slave and local peasants, MAN-DAR reaches the underworld and rescues the barbarian. The High Priest follows MAN-DAR out of the underworld with an unearthly army, but MAN-DAR causes their demise. MAN-DAR escapes across the Forbidden Causeway to Atlantis with his slave, whom he promises to set free, and the barbarian he has fallen in love with.

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