Madonna of the Ways


This book is more than a series of paintings with meditations. For me this project has been more than a book. As a book, it is quite humble, but I have watched even myself come to realize that there is something beyond what I could have ever come up with on my own accord. When we say the Hail Mary, who do we find in the center, in the middle of the prayer itself? Jesus. It is as though Mary is holding her son in her arms with the first half of the Hail Mary which is so biblical and then the second half is the plea of all her children aimed ultimately at her Son. As I reread this book from time to time, I find new things. How is it that I didn’t notice some of the blessings built into this humble format? It seems that as you go through the pages there are little prayers that make up a Hail to Mary and it ends with the Hail Mary. So if this is like the prayer, the Hail Mary, then Jesus is centered right in the middle of this little book. And the point of this book is to draw you closer to Jesus through meaningful prayer and meditation as you linger in His presence.

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