Madam’s Mini

by Jeff Lucier

Hubert is good friends with Madam, a very pleasant elderly lady, who moved to his world all the way from England, and brought with her a snazzy little 66 Mini Cooper S. Madam was taking Hubert for a drive one day, and the two of them found themselves at a stoplight, next to an obnoxious man driving a loud and powerful 57 Chevrolet Corvette. What would be the last thing Madam would do? Even if he were to laugh at the much smaller car? Surely she would not challenge him to a road race. But that is exactly what Madam does. She may be driving a small car but she has a big heart, and little tolerance for people who insult others and make fun of their differences. Hubert was both amazed and worried when she challenged that guy in a race to the city limits.

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