Love, Lies & Lab Coats Volume 2

by Dee Bostic
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Love, Lies & Lab Coats brings an unusual group of people together at the South Hill Medical Center in Spokane, Washington. The cast of characters include a narcissistic surgeon, a brilliant medical technologist, an insecure co-worker, two parking lot attendants, a talented chef, a middle-aged woman hiding from her past, a sick child and a group of devoted doctors. Whether you’re looking for a good love story, one that confronts preconceived notions of racial boundaries or perhaps just an entertaining warm tale of how so many chapters in life overlap and form lasting bonds that ripple through our memories, then you’ve found your must read in Love, Lies & Lab Coats. These dissimilar characters tackle difficult, realistic issues through social commentary and soul searching. They help us take a step forward or a look within as we follow them on the road to love, forgiveness, redemption and self-acceptance. They share stories that we can identify with and learn from. As the story moves forward, they weave their way through their trials and will keep you rooting for them as they find a place in your heart. Enjoy the ride.




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