King of Kings, Rebel of Rebels: The Savior Story


If you’re a Christian, you know that Jesus took the sin of all mankind upon Himself, to offer redemption and everlasting life to those who believe in Him. But did you know that in His own time, the Jews expected the Messiah to be a military leader who would liberate them from Rome? Our current understanding of Jesus and His role was very different from that of His contemporaries and the first disciples. This accessible, compulsively readable book tells the story of Jesus’ life with different twists. You’ll be enthralled by Jesus’ teachings, appreciate the significance of His power to perform miracles, and dig deeper into the meaning of some of His best-known parables. You’ll see the connections between Jesus and the prophecies of the Old Testament. You’ll walk alongside His first disciples and become entangled in the plot that led to His arrest, trial, and death. But most of all, you’ll see that although Jesus was obedient to His father in heaven, he bucked convention in his life on Earth—from the Romans and the Sanhedrin to everyday Jews and sometimes even His close friends, Jesus was perceived as a rebel who broke new ground in faith and action. Whether you are new to your faith journey or revisiting a well-loved road, this compelling guide to Jesus’ life and times is the extra insight you need to spark your soul.

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