Jesus’ Doctrine of Marriage

by John D. Keller
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This book is the revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ’s teaching regarding the act of human-marriage for all mankind. It is   based on Jesus’ teaching as found in the King James Bible.  Jesus’ teaching will begin with the origin of marriage, its history, and its future.  Divorce must be subject to the doctrine of marriage; it will be seen that marriage supersedes the idea of divorce and in their struggle, marriage obliterates her foe: Divorce.

God declares that the very existence of man is defined as a marriage, for God (The Trinity) said: “I created man in my own image, male and female I created them.”   Man (a-them) was created an eternal soul and an eternal soul is indissoluble.  When Jesus was confronted by the religious leaders of His day regarding the subject of Divorce He said, “Divorce was not so for from the beginning of the creation of man”.  Divorce was not possible, for man was created as one and what God hath joined together let not man put asunder.  Therefore, divorce is a myth and remarriage after divorce is adultery. Thus’ the axiom of this book is There-Is-No-Remarriage-This-Side-of-Death. God is a (Them) a Trinity, a Nuclear Family: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Ghost. Man was created a them (a trinity).  Man was created married: Adam a male with a living seed in his body, Eve a female with a living seed in her body, with the power to bring to birth a new living baby.  Man is THEM (trinity): a Male-Adam, a Female-Eve, and a Cain-Baby. The Nuclear Family.

Today there is a world war against the Nuclear Family. Karl Marx in his Communist Manifesto called for the “Abolition of the Nuclear Family because it supported Capitalism.”  Communism, Gay and Woke marriage, Divorce, Immorality, and Abortion are the mighty foes of Marriage and the Nuclear Family.  Pray today, for the institution of Christian Biblical Marriage: our human civilization depends on Jesus’ Doctrine of Marriage.

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