Jesus Christ for President: The True American Patriot – A Strong Leader of a Conservative Republic

Our Hope as a Nation does not rest on the dictates of a natural man, but rather the dictates of the Moral Law. This book will prove that Jesus came to establish a Kingdom Rule, and not a religious mandates. it will also address issues like: Is the Bible a religious document or a Constitution to God’s Kingdom? Would Jesus prefer to live under a Democratic or Republic Nation? What form of Democracy is God against, and why?

What is the difference between a moral and immoral republic? Is Jesus a pacifist or an activist? What is the great danger of adding Islam to the Judeo – Christian world – view? What harm will Shariah law do to America? Is the separation of Church and State a God thing? Can your vote have an effect on your eternal life?

How would Jesus vote on Current issues? and much more … As the True American Patriot, Jesus Christ for President will raise the American flag above all flags and sing its English Anthem. He will fight for its freedom, serve and protect its Constitution, preserve its economy, secure its future, and maintain its longevity.

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