In the Shadow of God’s Love

In the Shadow of God’s Love is a book written from my heart. It speaks of my intimate relationship with God, through what one friend  described, as love letters to God.  It comes from all kinds of life  situations happy times, joyous times, funny times, sad times, and  even tragic times and my hope in God in all things. This is life. It is a book that reveals God’s  love in a tangible way.


There are two sections to my book. The first section is divided into  four parts.  This section deals mostly with living the Christian  life, human struggles and joys, and the unchangeable character of God  and His promises to us in all our situations.  This is written in  verse, but most of it doesn’t rhyme.  The lines “rhyme” as their  message relates to other lines like the way the Psalms are written.  Some of the verses are just scripture woven together to bring a  message of hope.  The second section of the book is more personal.  It consists of  three parts.  The first part has short stories about how God met my  family and me in all kinds of situations.  It’s not especially about  us, but about how God worked in our lives. Some stories are funny.  There are some poems in this section as well.  The second part is  poems written from spending time in my meadow and how God speaks to  me and shows His character through nature.  The final part is also  about being in nature. It takes place in very special woods that has  been part of my life since I was three.


There is something for everyone in this book.

, you will with another part. It is a book that reveals God’s  love in a tangible way.

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