In the Beginning – A Consideration of Genesis

by Stephen D. Sears
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I take the reader through an investigation of Genesis. We consider everything–all 50 chapters. The basic premise is the human-God relationship–how it starts, and how it either holds or is lost, through Genesis. It is not a commentary but an analysis of what is going on. Part I covers the 12 things you need to know, the creation and evolution, and early patriarchs through Abraham. Part II continues with Jacob and his family. This review includes insights from Jewish mid-rash, Josephus’s Antiquities, the Koran, and 2 books on early Bible archaeology. Particular attention is paid to the many unknown stories in Genesis, and less known details of the “big” stories. We even consider all those genealogies, for they too tell us interesting details. I emphasize the greatness of Abraham and how he lives in peace, as an outsider, with his Canaanite neighbors.

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