Heaven Is Beyond Imagination: The music, beauty, waters, flowers, joy, peace, love, relationships, and more described by fifty published eyewitnesses

by Jacques E. LaFrance

A composite overview of details of heaven from fifty published eyewitness testimonies. All are combined by topic and presented side by side. It is more complete, detailed, and extensive than any single account. It will bless & change you!

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Epoch Times in August 2022



A retired computer science professor has compiled the near-death experiences (NDE) of 50 people into a book. Using his research expertise, he has compared their moving testimonies of both heaven and hell to existing descriptions of what lies beyond our mortal lives, giving the readers a clearer picture of heaven than perhaps ever before.

Dr. Jacques LaFrance, 83, from Sand Springs, Oklahoma, taught computer science for over 26 years at colleges in Oklahoma and Illinois, before retiring in 2000. It was in the years that followed that he devoted himself to researching heaven. Since then, he has dedicated his life to sharing about the power of faith in the end times, the eternity of life beyond this mortal world, the significance of upright living, and the tormenting hopelessness of hell.

"I was raised by my nominal Christian parents," LaFrance told The Epoch Times. "I never doubted God's existence or my responsibility to Him.

"For over 200 years this nation has served as a beacon of God’s light to the world, has held dictators in check, and stood for freedom and the honoring of God ... but in the last 60 years, the nation as a whole has drifted away from having God central to our daily lives, to being just a side issue, to being no issue at all.

"Religious beliefs are being scorned in favor of 'wokeness.' ... we must be wise with patient endurance."

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