Gravel Soldiers

by Terry Iwanski
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Terry Iwanski invites readers to witness a life unfiltered as he lays bare his soul, guiding them on a mesmerizing journey through the shadows of his youth and the storied streets of St. Paul Nebraska.

As the pages unfold in this gripping memoir, readers will find themselves walking hand in hand with Terry, their footsteps resonating with the echoes of history. Fearlessly, he leads them through the forgotten remnants of a once-thriving town, each step exploring meaning amidst the haunting ruins.

The book transcends the boundaries of mere memoir; it is a vibrant coming-of-age odyssey pulsating with youth’s raw, relentless energy. Terry’s journey traverses the full spectrum of human experience, from the intoxicating allure of fast cars and reckless escapades to the intricate, emotionally charged tapestry of relationships, often laden with pain and betrayal.

The narrative takes audacious detours, guiding readers through heart-pounding biker escapades across the Midwest and immersing them in heart-stopping encounters with the unforgiving arm of the law. At its core, ‘Gravel Soldiers’ is a profound tale of discovering love – not just any love, but the kind that penetrates the soul, casting light into life’s darkest corners. Terry’s odyssey ultimately leads him to the shores of redemption, where he uncovers the transformative power to heal and evolve.

This memoir is an exhilarating journey through the mosaic of life, weaving together the threads of adventure, heartache, and ultimate redemption. It promises to captivate hearts and leave an indelible mark on souls.

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The US Review

Iwanski recalls growing up in the American Midwest in the 1960s and ‘70s in a series of graphic and unforgettable vignettes. Like the English diarist Samuel Pepys, he’s unsparing in portraying the less appealing aspects of his younger self—his abusiveness towards his first wife, his omnivorous sexuality—and it’s this sense of a fully developed and complex personality that makes the book endlessly absorbing. Iwanski’s quarrels with his father and his rejection of all authority take up much of the first half of the book. As he matures sexually, Iwanski enjoys both pre-marital and extra-marital exploits. A fling in a hotel with a girl named Suzy is interrupted when the police arrive to arrest her for stealing a car. Later, he has a Calypso-esque encounter with a rich woman named Maggie, who offers to become his patron. However, when Iwanski’s wife learns about Maggie, she sets fire to their bedsheets.

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