GOLDEN MEN: The Power of Gay Midlife (2022)

by Harold Kooden, Ph.D.

The coming-out process has taught a gay man many lessons.  This book details the depth and range of these lessons which in combination with many of the unique life experiences, the gay man is actually well prepared to successfully deal with middle-age and beyond.  The sequential exercises facilitate a focused path for successful aging. The subsequent public response from the 2000 edition has shown that the exercises and principles of aging are applicable to all people.

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Betty Berzon, Ph.D., author of Permanent Partners, Positively Gay, and The Intimacy Dance

"A long overdue guide to understanding and appreciating the rewards a gay man's middle years can yield. This book is a gift from a caring and insightful therapist, drawing on thirty years of professional experience and his own personal journey to maturity."

Charles Silverstein, co-author of The New Joy of Gay Sex

"One would never know, after looking though the past fifty books written about gay life, that homosexual men reach middle age. The roaring hormones of youth have always taken precedent over maturity. Kooden, in what is certain to be the seminal work on gay middle age, has now (and thankfully) redressed the balance...Kooden's book belongs on the bookshelf of every gay man."

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