Lord, When?: A Biblical Perspective of the Second Coming

by John J. Cobb
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Lord, When? looks at the Second Coming from a Scriptural point of view, while examining the questions, objections, and various views of the Tribulation period and the Rapture of the Church. As the world draws closer to the Second Coming of our Lord, it is more important than ever that all Christians understand what the Bible says about this crucial doctrine. Our greatest hope lies not in theories of inferences but in undeniable facts left by our Lord in His holy word about:

The Seventh Trumpet

The Great Apostasy

The Restrainer

The Antichrist

The Seventy Weeks of Daniel

The 144,000 Servants

With over twenty years of research and study of the end of times, author John J. Cobb brings a special and unique approach to these areas. He has taught four verse-by-verse expositional classes on the book of Revelation. His passion for scriptural clarity in eschatology has been the driving force behind Lord, When? Whether the information gathered is from him or other authors and experts in this area, Minister Cobb has taken great care to bring it all to bear against the backdrop of Holy Scripture—the final arbiter of all Christian doctrine.

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