From Darkness to Light: A Sinner’s Memoir


I never chose the life that I led, nor have I sought after it. I never asked to be chosen, but at a young age, the Society came for me, trained me in the ways of my ancestors and gave me a new name. My identity became the one they made for me. Some claimed that I was a Shaman Priest in the order of my great-grandfather, but others speculated I was a warrior like in the legends of old. They claimed it was written in my name, and that there was power running through my veins.

What they didn’t tell me is that in the beginning, I was predestined. Before the foundations of the world were laid, I was set apart. When I was in the womb, I was anointed and when I was born, prophesied over. What has been known since the beginning was concealed from my sight until the appointed time. Babylon had her plans for me, but the plans of the Most High God prevailed!

My name is Charles Gates Jr, and I am a former cultist, born again believer in Jesus Christ, and an anointed vessel of the Most High God. The journey of my faith is the ongoing testimony of how the Lord reached his hand into the furthest corners of darkness to pull me out of Satan’s grip. There is a supernatural force behind the scenes in a veiled reality that only a few can see; where angels and demons rage war for the souls of mankind. In my novel I unveil the unseen reality, causing my readers to see the world through the eyes of a Seer, a Prophet capable of seeing into the unseen realm.

Join me in the story of a lifetime that will leave you clinging to the edge of your seat, shattering the reality you once knew.

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