Fan Loyalty


Fan loyalty chronicles the journey of a young woman as she said “I am going to meet him.” She did not know it at the time, but the man she was speaking about was the singer Brook Benton. She did get to meet he, and his entire family. She shares with us that amazing journey. Fan loyalty reminds us how important words are and lets us know that the words we choose create our world. It challenges us to embrace and learn from the things that unfold in our lives. The naiveté of the young person, the loyalty to the sound, the love that she showed and the friendships that developed is heartfelt throughout this moving and inspirational piece. Is heartfelt throughout this moving inspirational piece. Here’s what the fans have to say…. “Mr. magic, Mr. Wonderful, they don’t sing like that anymore.” Michael B. “I love his singing!” Dorothy G. “The smoothest singer, great songwriter, the best baritone ever!” Carol M. ” Brook Benton, a legend” Alma W. ” I love his music, his singing.” Irene T. “I love it’s just a matter of time and the boll weevil.” Lenis G.

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