Family Memories with a little mystery in it!

by Jamie Pulos-Fry
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Family matters, and although you may not understand it at this time why, there are five benefits that you will receive or learn from this book. This book will show you how a family can help a kid grow and turn out to be a great adult, with God and Family by their side. This book will also show you what and why we have happy family memories. How family teaches us happiness, strength, love, forgiveness, when they are here, and when we are gone.

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Mrs. Nancy Lusk, widow at Lancaster Baptist Church, Lancaster California

“Jamie has written this book to encourage us to cherish every moment of life. Family memories are so precious and should be shared. Every breath we take is a gift from God. All of these poems spoke to my heart. Jamie’s a true friend and has prayed for me and with me many times. God has given Jamie the gift of writing books to help others with circumstances in our lives.”

Mrs. Suza Rasmussen, Instructor, West Coast Baptist College, Lancaster, California

This was an interesting book, and I appreciate her transparency as she recounted her family memories. Her family had some things happen that are lessons for us all.” “I enjoyed the recipes and gleamed some good ideas for my cooking.”

Mrs. Jill Ghirst, Prior Instructor, West Coast Baptist College, Lancaster, California

“I thoroughly enjoyed reading Family Memories and learning about Jamie’s family. I felt like I know them personally by the end of the book. I especially enjoyed the pictures, the encouraging poems, and the recipes. Jamie has an uplifting, godly spirit that I admire, and I appreciate her desire to share her godly heritage and the memories of the ones she loved most dearly with her readers.”

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