Experiment Thrae

Experiment Thrae by David A. Mell is a fiction book unlike any other book of its kind. The book takes place in the future, where humanity can modify and create planets, genetically alter plant life, and is controlled by an egomaniac Artificial Intelligence called Cytron I. Awoken from suspension, the “rebirth” of Dr. Thrae, having knowledge from a time in the past is given ultimate control in creating a new planet through terraforming. A conflict between Cytron I, a kind of omniscient machine that is almost worshiped as a god by humanity and Dr. Thrae, a genius scientist with an ego bigger than the solar system collide. Even in a futuristic world where humanity should have been perfected, all the faults and sins of men return forevermore. The knowledge Dr. Thrae has allows ultimate control in the creation of a new Earth-like planet. Unforeseen events due to different laws of Physics causes changes to all life on planet, including humans. A collision between the past and the present, Earth, and Planet Thrae, presents the possibility of an end to Earth and humankind. Facts become an illusion of what is thought with the past and present coexisting until and ultimate solution occurs.

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