Echoes of the Past I

by Edward R. Lipinski
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Audrey Toller was twenty-two years old. She had recently graduated from Berkeley, with a major in journalism She was a very attractive girl with a slender figure, blue eyes and a pretty face framed in auburn hair. In school she had been a good student, always getting top honors. She dated frequently but never had a steady boyfriend. Whenever any guy seemed to get close, she broke off the relationship. There was a reason that she shied away from any relationship. She was unsure about her past. Audrey had never know her father. She asked her mother what happened to him. She was told that her father deserted the family just before Audrey was born. Her mother added that he met another woman and he disappeared. That was all she would say. Audrey resolved the she would search for her missing father even if it required traveling to the four corners of the globe to find him.

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