Doubt Your Doubts: The Essential Guide to Overcoming Life’s Challenges And Achieving Your Full Potential


“My parents had no ideas of what to do to raise a severely disabled child…the doctor told them to put me
in an institution…” Kerri Adamic
In this book you will uncover answers to questions such as:​

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to be disabled?
You will read how Kerri responds to this commonly asked question.

Have you ever asked yourself, “Why me?”
You will learn why Kerri responds, “Why not me”?

Have you ever felt like turning a blind eye to your problems?
You will learn how an attitude adjustment can make all the difference!

Have you ever felt that, if there is a God, He doesn’t hear your prayers?
Kerri shares her belief in God and how He answers her prayers.

Have you ever heard, “Don’t worry, be happy” and think it can’t apply to you?
You will learn the power of positive thinking.

Have you ever had a desire for a career helping people with special needs?
You will be encouraged and inspired as you read the stories contained in this book

Are you a parent, teacher, aide or friend feeling overwhelmed because you have a disabled child or friend in your life?
You will learn to doubt your doubts and find strength in innovation.

Are you an adult with disabilities, wanting to become more independent?
You will learn how Kerri, with very little control over her own body, has learned to live independently.

Do you sometimes feel lonely, and that you don’t know where to find friends?
Learn the importance of connecting with others and Kerri’s top tips for finding friends.

You will learn that no one is alone in their struggles. These pages include Kerri’s tips and valuable resources as well as inspiration for anyone wanting to live life to its fullest!
From the personal stories and insights of others you will learn the joy that comes from serving others!

Kerri is a go-getter who always tries to make the best of situations. She loves her life, which is full of joy and happiness. She wants others to feel that same joy. Her hope and dream for this book is to have her readers feel that nothing is impossible!

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