Divided Together 2094


If you are a Christian, how could you answer atheistic objections to the Christian faith and your (grand)children’s doubts?If you are an atheist, how could you answer Christian objections to atheism? What would happen to you and your family if your country and culture became mostly atheistic? What would the United States be like if it became mostly atheistic in the year A.D. 2094 and if you were alive then? How can minority religions survive in a culture that wants everyone to be atheists? What would happen if the U.S. president tried to become a dictator? How could a police investigative group fight bank robbers, burglars, and mass-murderers at the same time? How can a Christian family survive in an atheistic cultural climate? How can Christians and atheists discuss their differences reasonably? Why might the United States descend into Civil War II? How would it come out? All of these questions are considered in Divided Together 2094.This mystery novel engages you with humor, suspense, thoughtful discussions, human respect, and drama. Be amazed and enlightened as you read Divided Together 2094.The title refers to a criminologist and university criminology professor, a Christian named Farhan, who is paired up with an atheistic police detective in the city of Indianapolis, Indiana, USA, in the year A.D. 2094. As they attempt to catch criminals, they discuss their different faith and non-faith approaches to life with full respect for each other. Thus, they are divided by their faith and non-faith but together in their fight against criminals.The police investigative group of which they are members meets regularly in brainstorming sessions during they attempt to overcome evil attacks on human lives and property. They are one focus of the mystery novel in seeking justice and protecting life.Meanwhile, Farhan; his wife, Shirley; his ten-year-old son, Matt; and his six-year-old daughter, Mary; who are the primary focus of the novel, visit parks in Indiana and Ohio during a few long weekends. They experience adventures with some unexpected discoveries while hiking in those places.Clean human humor happens during both of the groups’ get-togethers. This mystery novel stands on its own. However, if you want to read the first novel of this trilogy, Divided Together 2084 is available as an Audible audiobook narrated by the author, Bruce Leiter, who was an English teacher with an English master’s degree and then a pastor with a master-of-divinity degree; a Kindle e-book; and a paperbook–all available on Amazon.

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