Dancing with Angels


This work reflects my personal journey through life in pursuit of truth and goodness using as a vehicle a few famous poems, masterpieces of their authors, and my own reflections written in songs and verse through inspiration.  It is an attempt to invite the reader to also join with me in this investigation into sources of human goodness and an exploration of the ultimate source of good.


Good poetry is good because it connects us to universal human values and truths that speak to all people. Poems have the ability to inspire us to seek truth and take us on journeys in pursuit of goodness on the battlefield between good and evil agents within and between us, along, with celebrations of the beauty of nature and innocence of childhood, and musings on the vastness of time and depth of true love.


Dancing with Angels Songs and Poems of the Millennium invites us to engage with those “better angels” whose guidance illuminates our better natures and brings us closer to the truth, and its embodiment, rebalancing the human spirit in harmony and union with our Creator.

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