Código Chayil: La Genetica de la Mujer Radiante Alef Tau (Spanish Edition)

by Betzy Cordoba
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Código Chayil: The Genetic Code of the Radiant Woman Alef Tau
In this profound analysis of Proverbs 31:10-31, Betzy Córdoba unravels the hidden mysteries within the acrostic Eishet Chayil, the "virtuous woman" of the Old Testament. Through meticulous research, this book unveils how numerology, semantics, and pictography of the Hebrew alphabet intertwine to form a coded message aimed not only at the modern Christian woman but fundamentally at the church as a whole.
Each letter of the Hebrew alef-bet, from Alef to Tau, is explored in depth, shedding light on the divinely granted qualities and virtues of women. These attributes, concealed at first glance, are revealed as a manual for the faithful woman, providing guidance to live with purpose, passion, and in harmony with divine will.
Furthermore, Córdoba examines how this hidden code isn't merely a blueprint for the individual woman but also an invitation to the church to recognize, honor, and nurture the pivotal role that women play in the body of Christ.

"Código Chayil" is an enlightening work that merges biblical scholarship with spiritual revelation, offering a fresh perspective on a classic passage, and highlighting the woman's essential role as a reflection of God's heart.
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