Castle Forks

by Chris Cochrane

Chris Cochrane never imagined abandoning school for a dangerous life in Castle Forks. He never wanted to fight immortal demon shadows. And he certainly didn’t ask to risk his life protecting the whole world.

While on a hunting trip with his father in the wooded mountains, a magical creature invites them to an invisible castle hidden in plain sight. A castle that brings with it an impossible world, life-long secrets, and an ancient enemy that wants to destroy humanity.

Do they have what it takes to save the world, or will the demon shadows win forever?

Chris Cochrane is an ordinary twelve-year-old with an ordinary family, who live on an ordinary ranch in California. He’s too busy trying to convince his father to take him hunting to worry about anything else.

Until one morning, his father takes him on his first hunting trip in the mountains, and both of them discover a magical world that changes their lives forever. Are they dreaming? Nope! Castle Forks is real. The demon shadows are real. And the inhabitants of the castle need their help.

Chris and his father learn that all the bad things that have ever happened, and everything that ever will, has been caused by the Tourlt, a group of evil demon shadows who want to destroy the world. The bubonic plague? The Tourlt. The Great Fire of London? The Tourlt again. The sinking of the Titanic? Yep, the Tourlt. The World Wars? All the Tourlt!

Can they ever be stopped? Can Chris and his father put an end to their evil before they succeed? Do they have what it takes to defeat the Tourlt before it’s too late?

Time is ticking.
Their time starts now.

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