Bits and Pieces to Help Smooth Out the Lumps on Your Life’s Journey


Bits and Pieces to Help Smooth out the Lumps on Your Life’s Journey is a book about finding help as you navigate your path through life and tackle the various issues and situations that arise. At times, the mistakes we make due to trusting ourselves when we lack wisdom will compound our efforts and our problems worsen. No matter how old we are, or how much we think we can handle, we can use a faithful, trustworthy, gentle, kind, loving, stable, wise, confident, forgiving, loyal and understanding God to help us along the way. Family, friends and counselors may be available, but sometimes they don’t have the real-life experience behind them to provide the connection we need.

After reading the bible and not studying it, I still had unanswered questions. Is there more than one baptism? What is the Trinity? What is salvation and what does that mean for me? Who and what are angels? What is prayer about and how do we get results? Who is wise counsel? How does confessing the Word of God affect our spiritual path? Who is Satan and so much more. Through the years, I have found these answers through His Word by studying it from pastors, teachers, bible studies, and getting results.

I now have more peace, joy, love, strength, faith and confidence in my choices. Through Bits and Pieces, my personal journey has become remarkably easy and worry free as I have found the Savior who supplies my need graciously as I become stronger in Him.

Bits and Pieces is written from my heart and soul and by God’s Grace, with the simple desire to help others. Here you can find the support to grow strong, prosper, and free yourself from most havoc, failures, illnesses, and unhealthy relationships. Lighten your sorrows, grief, loss and enjoy a smoother journey. Once you are strengthened, strengthen your brother or sister.

Have you been doing the same thing day after day and getting the same results, believing there is more to your life than what you are doing? With Bits and Pieces to Help Smooth out the Lumps on Your Life’s Journey, I introduce you to a better way of life. It’s not an unattainable goal, but you must come all in to attain it. Be open to new results.

I’m not going to sell you a book on how to get rich quick, because I’m not, but I have peace of mind and freedom that you can’t buy with money, and your journey will have a good end. Help is waiting for you, all is not lost!

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