Beyond All Doubt

by Peter A. Moscovita
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THE EXCITING SEQUEL TO THE FOLLOWING STORM. Commences with the evacuation from Dunkirk June 4th 1940. Karl Vita is mortally injured when his ship is sunk, immediate surgery is needed to remove a stieel fragments lodged in his neck before the long road back to full health. Recovering from his wounds starts an affair with a fellow British Intelligence officer the stunning Hazel Collins, before she is sent of on a mission into occupied France. Fully recovered he and a free French officer return to France on an intelligence gathering mission masquerading as German officers only to be capture and tortured by the Gestapo. At the lowest point of despair he considers taking his own life, saved by a massive explosion to the prison. Both Karl and fellow operative Jean Yves are saved by French resistance fighters. His badly beaten left eye warrants an immediate evacuation back to England for surgery. Recovering from his wounds in his mothers home in Baldock, Hertfordshire he decides to purchase a used sport car. Smitten by Claire McGiven the striking widow and owner of the car instantly fires new feeling. From that moment on Karl’s life would change forever forever closing the door on his former wildlife.

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