by Mabel Kane

1. This book shows women how they can be the master of their destiny, how they can live long, healthy and productive lives throughout menopause and beyond.
2. How you think is directly proportional to the success you realize in decision-making, and this truism is a constant, regardless if you are male or female, child or adult. As a person thinks in her heart, so is she. And if a woman feels that she is beautiful she wears her beauty on the outside, this is perhaps where the adage comes from “beauty is only skin deep.”
3. Women, with their newly acquired knowledge about the “change”, can look critically but objectively at the self and design a new pathway that integrates all three aspects of their personality. Having the body, the soul, and the spirit functioning in harmony is the essence of homeostasis.
4. Section one, I explain the physical aspects of health that are associated with menopause and posit that the physical maladies that may stalk and threaten our existence can be offset or delayed with SMART-goal setting. I suggest ways for women to prevent the onset of these diseases in menopause. I articulate the most common illnesses waiting to strike in menopause in the hope that none will attack or take you by surprise.
5. – Section two extends beyond the physical to uncover the mental processes and attitudes women must cultivate to ascertain they have intellectual control over their lives. Finally, knowledge is the first and only key to prevention; knowing the what, the how, the why and the where, the 360 degrees of knowing is the key to prevention. The “who” is you, woman is the subject in this book, she is the most important quantity, not her children, her spouse or her job.
6. – Section three, I engage spiritual effectiveness techniques for women- Spirit forces that are immediate and fully capable of completing the “let us” in the generativity process that is omnipresent and eternal in the Trinity- and therefore in us. Emotional wellness is a natural output when women apply the spiritual effectiveness techniques that they will learn.
7. In Canada, a stroke occurs every 17 minutes. I include the signs and symptoms of a stroke (HSF) and the actions any person can take to save someone’s life.

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