Authoritarianism & Propaganda

by J. Marcelo Baqueroalvarez
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Authoritarianism and Propaganda come hand in hand. They have been related from the very start. An authoritarian is only as powerful as their followers. Are you being bamboozled into being a useful fool for an authoritarian? Let us find out together. In this book, we will get to speak about all of those important factors that give an authoritarian leverage over our own lives and our very futures. And make no mistake – a useful fool is disposable in the view of the authoritarian. The only person an authoritarian care about is himself or herself. Authoritarianism can vary in size and scope. It can be as monumental as a world leader, or as minimal as a family unit. Yes, a micro version of the same monster. The archnemesis against an authoritarian and their propagandists are pragmatic, think critically, and use intellectual honesty. Within these pages, we will discuss how you can stay ahead of authoritarian rhetoric. The authoritarian and propagandists want to turn this rhetoric into action, and these actions do not have your best interests in mind even if you are fighting on their side, so it’s crucial to learn about the facts that are hidden in plain sight. Are you ready to open your mind?

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