A Sea of Emotion


A Sea of Emotion is simply a book of everyday life. Everyone who dreams of that never-ending love or special friendship will find meaning within the pages of this unique book of poetry. As we struggle through life, heading for our final destination, we find many adventures and heartbreaks along the wayloves we wish we could reclaim, enjoyable events we wish we could relive, and of course, family that is so dear to our hearts. We stop along our lifelong journey to find injustices, greed, dishonesty, suffering, and all the wrongs of mankind in our modern world. Yet we also find love, honesty, sharing, and caring on a never-ending Sea of Emotion. Come along on lifes little journey as you turn every page and realize that others believe in the same way of life as you. Through these pages youll find sadness, love, family ties, and loneliness all adrift on A Sea of Emotion.

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