A Great Fit: My Take on Confidence, Charisma, and the Career that Suits You Best

Life, leadership, and career advice from Tom Murry: “Everything I do needs to be like a Calvin Klein suit.”

  • “It has to be iconic, legendary, and let its brand speak for itself.
  • It has to be impeccably precise and carefully considered.
  • It has to be tasteful, timeless, and elegant, with nothing unnecessary getting in the way.
  • And most important, it has to make people feel great.”


Tom Murry headed Calvin Klein as CEO for seventeen years during a time of massive growth and success for the company. In his first book, Murry describes his decades of experience as a leader in the world of fashion along with personal advice on how he made it to the top of the profession he was destined to have—and how we can do the same in our careers.

Murry gives us glimpses of well-known fashion personalities, institutions, and events, and in an easy-going, humble narrative, takes us from his childhood in Houston to the most influential runways of the world, including his travels around the globe and a stint on an oil rig as a young man. Equally important are Murry’s takeaways on what qualities he believes it takes to become a good leader and how we can use them to achieve success in any workplace. This is not a how-to, but rather a thoughtful and straightforward look at the talents and grace that allowed Murry to thrive in his chosen career. Everyone, no matter their career or stage in life—or their knowledge of or interest in the fashion world—will find this book a fun, informative, and inspirational gift from an author who wants everyone to enjoy the same success in their career that he has.

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