A Beautiful Life Well Lived

If one needs more information, refer back to the author’s first poetry book with 35 poems called: “The Legacy of My Poems: The Psalms of A King” which is available on Amazon. You can also refer to the author’s second poetry book which was an extension of the first book with 39 poems called: “My Psalms” which is available everywhere in Barnes & Noble bookstores; everywhere online, Kindle or paperback and depending on the website, then you can get a discount. This third book entitled “A Beautiful Life Well Lived” contains great, short, long and specific details with careful instructions. It will be an easy read from a list of 30 declarations of proclamation poems. If you want to know the full story then refer back to the author’s two other books that he has already mentioned, which were longer. It’s all about quality and not quantity. Everything is explained in this book, so it should go international.

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