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Rebecca Hendricks

Rebecca Hendricks is a writer and author of the new novel Hound Dogged.

Rebecca has made a career doing accounting and Judicial Assistant work, but her passion has always been writing and creating colorful and exciting stories. Starting at a young age, Rebecca could be found in her room, spending countless hours writing stories in long hand or typing her work with one finger on her father’s antique typewriter.

Rebecca is a Colorado native where she lives with her husband, dog, and two cats. She enjoys urban exploration and camping with her husband and their Golden Retriever, Haley. In her limited free time, she enjoys restoring and giving new life to old dolls.

John D. Keller

John D. Keller was born in America’s northeast at the dawn of WWII. A fellow student in high school, through witnessing, helped lead him to the Lord and shortly after graduation, John married Janet in the Lord. Our marriage has brought us six children and many grandchildren. After graduation from Philadelphia College of the Bible he was ordained to the Gospel Ministry and was the pastor of two Baptist Churches in Maine. This book began as a Gospel tract in 1975: “Apostasy and Divorce”. This manuscript is the result of forty years of study on this subject of marriage — all for His Glory. John and Janet celebrated 61 years of our rewarding marriage on March 10, 2023.

Rev. Robert Maxie Sr.

Pastor Robert Maxie Sr is the Senior Pastor of Liberty Church of Baton Rouge and has served in ministry for over 25 years. He is a Navy veteran and has completed nine deployments including three in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. He attended the University of Maryland College as well as Grace Bible College and later graduated from The Naval School of Health Sciences with a certification in Substance Abuse Counseling. He then went on to complete internships in both Italy and Chicago. He’s served all over the world from Germany, to South Korea and his last command, The Naval Health Clinic New England where he served as the Navy’s Substance Abuse Continuing Care Coordinator for northern New England.

After returning home he joined the Baton Rouge Traumatic Loss Outreach Team with the goal to help give grieving families emotional first aid. He is a Certified Clinical Supervisor with over ten years of experience training counselors in the field of Substance Abuse and is the founder and director of Liberty Recovery House.

He and Aminga married in 1999, and have 6 great kids together and four beautiful grandchildren. His calling in life is in helping others through the hardest

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Richard Asmet Awid
Richard Asmet Awid is the author of "THROUGH THE EYES OF THE SON: A FACTUAL HISTORY OF CANADIAN ARABS" and "CANADA'S FIRST MOSQUE: THE AL RASHID". He served as an interpreter at Edmonton's Fort Park where he told the story of the Al Rashid Mosque for a number of years. he taught with the Edmonton Public School Board for twenty-seven years. Richard is a very passionate about educating others on the little-known history of the Lebanese diaspora and the community's cultural influence in Canada. He lives in Edmonton, Alberta and continues to write the books on ongoing basis.
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Kristiann Colasacco

Kristiann is a self employed highly regarded Interior Designer who set out on her health and fitness journey when she was diagnosed with multiple stomach diseases shortly followed by developing later in life severe food allergy and intolerances. Foods that she had consumed growing up were no longer an option which forced her to pivot into a plant based regime. After many years of testing, tears and a lot of money spent trying to narrow down and seek answers she had to get creative to conform to her own diet that would eliminate the inevitable uncomfortable flare-ups! Taking recipes she had always eaten and loved growing up and making them tailored to fit the new ingredient list she could enjoy was challenging yet very successful! As a highly hyper creative individual, Kristiann designed these recipes to be as flavorful and easy to make as possible free from all gluten, dairy, soy, nuts and legumes (and meat in her personal circumstances which can always be incorporated for those non plant based). Her mission is to help others who battle these same intolerances or perhaps if someone is just starting out on their fitness journey as well and introducing them to clean easy recipes.

Wisdom Fr the Wick Phot_Rev
Thomas Fargnoli

Thomas Fargnoli is a retired systems engineer, a magician, a teacher, and a former deacon in the Catholic Church. Now as a writer, he combines his experience making complex ideas understandable, both through his humor and simplified diagramming techniques. His first book, The Deacon: An Unexpected Life, is an inspiring memoir sharing his experiences with suicide, grief, loneliness, and rejection, transforming them to hope, faith, love, and peace. His second book, Wisdom from the Wick, takes his readers to a neighborhood tavern to meet a person whose discussions on life and faith don’t seem appropriate in a neighborhood tavern, yet people come to hear him. In this new book, Magnolia – A View of Heaven, Tom takes the reader on a journey to heaven starting in his small hometown of Magnolia. Tom and his wife Dorothy live in Clarksboro, New Jersey, where they enjoy life with their children and grandchildren.

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